The Institute of Church Ministry (ICM) is devoted to helping you excel in your ministry. We offer a variety of services that prove to be beneficial on several levels depending on your current ministry and what you would like to achieve. We understand that the world is changing quickly around us and sometimes it can be difficult to stay up to date on the current demographic trends and how they relate to church growth and participation. At ICM, we help bridge those gaps, among other things, and help bring you the knowledge necessary to guide your ministry in todays society.

If you have any questions on how we can help you through our research, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Custom Research and Evaluation

This is our main emphasis. A denominational organization desires certain information and contacts ICM to conduct research. We first dialog together to determine what research design will best meet the clients need. This involves first deciding on what information is needed and from what source it is to be collected. ICM will then suggest questions that would obtain the desired information. A research design would specify the population to be surveyed, the sample size, the best method of surveying (mail, phone, or internet), and the number of follow-up procedures. Together with the client we decide on the type of analyses and the nature of the research report. We will not proceed until the client is satisfied with each point.

As to cost, we charge by the numbers of hours invested. In addition, there are expenses for printing, postage, stationery and envelopes, and other miscellaneous supplies.

Training & Resources

ICM offers a series of training/resources geared toward the flourishing of churches, organizations, families, and individuals offered by its sub-entities NCD America and Life Renewal. Click here to explore the available training/resources that meet your needs.

Materials Development

The Institute of Church Ministry (ICM) can prepare documents as requested including books. See our section on past accomplishments. This also includes editing documents.


Institute of Church Ministry (ICM) personnel are available to consult on topics where we have expertise, either by traveling to the client’s site or by phone conferences.

Student Development

Much of the work at ICM is done by students under the supervision of the director. The Institute of Church Ministry is fortunate to employ the expertise of seminary students as they are working on their masters and doctoral degrees. This work provides valuable experience for these students in the mission of the church. At ICM mission has top emphasis. Over the past thirty years many of our students have gone on to be successful pastors, Religion professors and administrators.